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Tell me if I fail! I guess! xD
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Instrument: LEAD/KEYTAR
Fame Lvl: 0 (Power Lvl + Fortune Lvl)
Current MP: 26

Short Description:
► Pinkie is the lead singer and keytar player for the electropop band System Crash. When not playing hard, she's partying hard!

Regains So Far:
► Naturally pink hair
► Cutie mark
► Pony ears
► Pinkie Sense

Contact Player:
[ profile] lluosogrwydd
► Email:
► AIM: lluosogrwydd
Image source


► PHONE: 1-555-555-5555
► TEXT: 1-555-555-5555
► EMAIL: pinkie@priderecords.prc
► TWITTER: pinkapalooza
► TUMBLR: pinkapalooza
► INSTAGRAM: pinkstagram

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Player Name: Lu
Player Journal: [personal profile] lluosogrwydd
Age: 20
Contact: lluosogrwydd (AIM/Plurk)
Characters Played: None

Name: Pinkie Pie
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
OU/AU/OC: AU, with previous game memories from [community profile] itsjustagamerp
Canon Point: Post Season 3
History: Pinkie's history follows her canon up until after the end of Season 1. The night after the Grand Galloping Gala, Pinkie woke up in a completely different place: the Satellite of Love. She, along with many people from other dimensions, had been sucked there by the malfunctioning Twin-screw Universal Controller (which was really all Joel's fault), and now they were stuck there with Mike and the bots and forced to also participate in Dr. Forrester's experiments. Pinkie being Pinkie, she took rather well to the shift, befriending most of the other subjects and gleefully riffing her way through the experiments.

As one of the first arrivals to the Satellite, Pinkie made many friends there, and lost quite a few as well. Some of her own pony friends, most notably Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight, appeared at various points, but none stayed as long as she did. She tried not to let this get her down too much, however: there were always her new friends! The closest of these was 90s Kid, a human who enjoyed video games and Pop Rocks. Most of her time in space was fun. She did experiments happily, played around with her friends, and gave every single person a cupcake to welcome them to space. Unfortunately, her early canon point came back to bite her when Discord himself appeared on the Satellite. Unaware of the danger, Pinkie ran to give the draconequus a cupcake and was discorded. She spent the next several days lashing out at her friends until Rarity arrived to talk her down. This incident gave Pinkie a bit more of a sense of danger. Though she'd never be cautious, she learned how to look before she leapt a little more.

Later on, she and 90s Kid got trapped in a separate section of the Satellite from the others when a spaceship bearing a Velociraptor crashed into the ship. While trying to find a way back up, the two got separated. Pinkie never saw what happened afterwards, but what she did find of his shredded clothing made it very clear that her best friend had found the dinosaur. Pinkie was crushed, having never really lost a friend like that before, but she still roused herself enough to scrape together a funeral and even give a speech, though she sobbed the whole way through. Luckily, this was the moment when the Satellite residents realized the impermanence of death in space: 90s Kid ended up crashing his own funeral, and everything was okay again.

While Pinkie bounced back pretty well from this incident, she was notably more protective of her friends thereafter. She was just as friendly, and occasionally could be very oblivious to potential danger, such as when she invited hostile extradimensional dinosaurs up to the Satellite for a party. But she also threatened to toss the raptors out if they were mean at all to anyone, especially 90s Kid, which was quite opposite of her previous treatment of Gilda.

Towards the end of their tour in the Satellite, Pinkie got a real chance to shine. Her friendly nature made her attempt diplomacy with the residents of the various dimensions the group accidentally jumped into. Unfortunately this didn't too well with the dinosaurs, but it proved much more effective in the Mirror Universe. While some of the SoLers were transformed into their evil counterparts, the Mads turned good, and Pinkie quickly befriended the pair. After putting her all into cheering up her newly-evil friends (and receiving several death threats in return), she embarked on a secret mission to go up to the Satellite and get everything fixed. Being Pinkie, she was small and physics-breaking enough to smuggle both herself and some materials on a small shuttle, and she was friendly enough that no one worried about her ability to convince the Mads to help. True to form, she threw a small party for her new friends before doing anything else, but it was a short and secret one. After all, she knew what it was like to be turned unwillingly against your friends, and she didn't want any of her friends to have to deal with that for too long.

The mission was successful, and Pinkie went about trying to cheer up everyone who had been turned evil, most of whom were distressed about their previous behavior. Unfortunately, being Pinkie, she was also the first person to initiate pulling the Twin-Screw Universal Controller, which was responsible for all the random, impossible things that had been happening around the Satelitte. Since nothing terrible happened, she was more than willing to keep doing it again. And again. Until they were eventually returned home.

Unusually for jamjar residents, Pinkie remembered everything about the Satellite upon waking up in her bed the day after the Grand Galloping Gala. Since she was Pinkie Pie, however, nothing much came of her wild stories about her adventures in space. Upon realizing her friends who had visited the place didn't remember it, Pinkie eventually stopped talking about it, though she did keep the friendship bracelet 90s Kid had made her. She had never gained very much knowledge about her world's future, not enough to change anything: though she knew about Discord and managed to resist his mind tricks, he ended up converting her personality anyway, making the point moot. After that, she didn't know even a little bit about anything that was due to happen anymore, and she went about things just as she did in canon.

Personality: The first thing anyone notices about Pinkie Pie is her energy. It is boundless. She bounces rather than walks, and chatters at high speeds about whatever happens to enter her mind at the time. This can give her the appearance of being an airhead, an impression she doesn't help by being very literal-minded, but she's often more perceptive than she seems. Where other ponies often overthink things, she'll quickly solve a problem through some simple solution that, in hindsight, was actually pretty obvious. And though she'll always be a little silly, she can take responsibility when called upon - though whether she can handle it is sometimes a different story.

Pinkie loves to have fun. She likes playing games and singing, and is also known for pulling harmless pranks on people, but her special pony talent and favorite activity is throwing parties. She loves nothing more than to see everyone having fun together, and people always make new friends at parties. Pinkie considers everyone she meets a potential new friend - she isn't easily put off or frightened, and she's never shy. Even when someone's rude to her, she's likely to think they're just having a bad day or worry that she's misjudging them. It takes quite a bit for her to finally decide that someone is a mean person, and even then, she'll try to help them improve their attitude rather than shun them.

Though Pinkie makes friends very easily, she's also steadfastly loyal to all of them. She considers breaking a friend's trust to be one of the worst things you can do, and she'll readily follow her friends into any danger. Not much actually frightens her; she believes in the power of laughter, and is always upbeat and optimistic. The absolute worst thing that can happen to her is rejection by her friends - if she thinks they've abandoned her for whatever reason, she's liable to have a complete breakdown. She's a little bit insecure in this regard, but she's learned her lesson about not instantly assuming the worst; hopefully, there won't be any more angry, depressive episodes any time soon.

It would be a lie to say that Pinkie's time spent on the Satellite really did anything to calm her down. Most of the game was light-hearted and fun, just like her, and she got along with practically everyone she met. When things got dangerous, though, they got much more dangerous than anything she'd ever encountered before: even Nightmare Moon had never really hurt one of her friends. Losing 90s Kid affected her even if he did come back, and she ended up afraid of losing her friends in a way she'd never really contemplated before. She's a little less likely to leap into risky situations now, preferring to stop and regroup with her friends before she tries anything. She's not too big on making up plans herself, but if someone else has one that can help keep everyone safe, she'll follow it to the letter, only inserting as many parties as are absolutely necessary. And though she still greets everyone, suspicious or not, with the same open cheer, she'll pay attention to how they treat her friends and figure out a way to deal with the situation if she thinks they're going to be a threat.

Strengths: Upbeat and optimistic, friendly, persistent, generally operates on the Rule of Funny as opposed to any actual laws of physics, minor ability to predict future, always has access to high-powered party weaponry
Weaknesses: Hates to be alone, secretly a little insecure, often oblivious to normal social cues
Possessions: Party cannon, friendship bracelet FROM SPAAAAAACE
Pony/Animal Type: Earth pony
Cutie Mark: Three balloons
Pony Picture: See icons? xD

First Person:
[Is that a talking pink pony waving at the camera? Yes. Yes it totally is.] My name's Pinkie Pie, and I just got here today! The doctors said I could use this little thingy to talk to everypony else who was sick, but I think they must've made a mistake, because I can't even remember the last time I got sick! They're kinda silly - they even thought I was a big tall bald human thing like THEM! I mean, hell-o? [She waves a hoof at the camera. Definitely not human.] It's okay, though! Everypony makes mistakes sometimes!

Anyway, if I can't get back to Equestria right now, I guess I'd better make the best of it right here! Back home, I ALWAYS throw a welcome party whenever anypony new arrives in Ponyville. Since I'm the new one this time, I guess I can't really have a welcome party, but I can TOTALLY have a get-to-know-you party! It's tomorrow night, and everypony's totally super-welcome!

Third Person:
Whoever this human person everyone said she was supposed to be was, Pinkie was beginning to think they must've been really, really, REALLY boring. Like, even more boring than the rock farm! When she'd gotten home, they'd gone to her bedroom first. The walls were all white, and the sheets on the bed were this kinda tannish color, and the clothes in the closet were all black and white and grey and there was absolutely NO color ANYWHERE! It had to be absolutely the most boring bedroom she'd ever seen in her entire life, EVER!

So Pinkie had spent twenty minutes jumping up and down on the awesomely huge bed. Maybe it wasn't colorful, but it was TOTALLY sproingy! But after that, she decided that something had to be done. "Hey! Hey! Bella!" She dragged her new human sister (who wasn't at all like either of her real sisters, but they could still be friends!) into the room without waiting for a response. "So! I was thinking! We should TOTALLY paint in here! Whattaya think - blue or pink? Oooh, or maybe yellow? Or maybe all THREE! OH! And THEN! We should do the whole REST of the house! I mean come ON, this place is so grey. It hardly look like a good place to throw a party!”

“Um…are you planning on having a lot of parties?”

“Well, DUH! I’m having the first one tomorrow night!” Pinkie frowned a little. “Didn’t I tell you that? And lemme tell you, we’re gonna have to start early, ‘cause this’ll be a WHOPPER! You know where all the good party stores around here are, right?”
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GLaDOS - Jan 18th
Kaldur - March 1st
Aqua - May 9th
Maes - May 29th
Midna - Sept 20th
Sora - Nov 18th
Terra - Dec 26th
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Pinkie Pie!

Maes - Three (3) homemade apple pies. Tag reads Made with extra love!!! Hearts instead of dots on the exclamation points, naturally.
Isa - A very special teddy bear.
Fluttershy - A bonsai tree and an oddly familiar stuffed rabbit.
Princess Luna - Glow-in-the-dark stars and moon, for putting on walls.
Rarity - Three human-shaped dress forms, with silly faces drawn on construction paper where their heads ought to be.
Wheatley - A fuzzy blue scarf. He can wear those, right?
Falco - A model X-Wing kit.
Minako Aino - Hair bows! In every color and pattern imaginable!
90s Kid - A skateboard and a matching helmet because he's totally gonna wear it.
Dr. Insano - The most adorable remote-controlled robot ever.
Iron Liz - Pinkie...may have misunderstood the term "heavy metal." Though it IS metal. And somewhat heavy.
Linkara - A very nicely gift-wrapped box, containing one Bear. Just...don't ask how he got there.
Midna - Glow-in-the-dark stars and moon.
Saria - A potted fern, who apparently goes by the name "Ferny".
Sora - A blue lightsaber (the cool kind that makes wooshy noises!)
Riku - A green lightsaber (same kind, different color)
Terra - Fuzzy pajama pants.
Aqua - A blue-and-white scarf, with matching hat.
Harry Dresden - A stuffed bunny
Sam the Eagle - A red-white-and-blue bow tie, along with a bunch of similarly colored balloons.
Kaldur'ahm - A rather large stuffed orca.
Namine - A new sketchpad.
Roxas - A case of sea salt ice cream.
Phineas Flynn - A Junior Chemistry Set. Absolutely might not contain explosive materials.
Dr. Forrester - Two tins of roasted chestnuts. One has a label reading To Mrs. Dr. Forrester's Mom!!!
Frank - A tin of cupcakes and a stuffed dolphin.
Mike - A cheesecake.

EVERYONE ELSE receives a tin of Christmas cookies! Cookies for everypony!


90s Kid: Several new pairs of shades. He seems to run through them pretty fast.
Liz: He found her an Iron Maiden CD collection somewhere on this dump! It looks totally normal; it's only when it's actually played that all the tracks are revealed to be in 8-bit. Tough luck, kid.
Linkara: A copy of Camelot on VHS. Don't ask where he found it.


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